Glulam beams are basically, Glued Laminated Timber. This material is incredibly strong and is suitable for large spans while being a sustainable alternative to steel or concrete. They are created by gluing together laminates of timber that form a durable and aesthetically attractive finish. Glulam is a structural material that is economical and offers a range of benefits; making it a suitable option for roof and floor designs.  

The benefits of glulam beams include:

Excellent strength to weight ratio
Design of straight and curved structures
Easy handling and site working
Suitable for a range of large spans
Attractive appearance

The structures are purpose built and consist of portals, arched roofs, portal beams and include all associated metalwork for a full structural erection including shoes to foundations. 

Glulam is a long-lasting material and is commonly used in bridges, shopping centres, floorboards and beams, roof beams and rafters, and garages. Its strength and versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of projects.

Our glulam beams have been responsibly sourced, so you can be assured that the timber has been manufactured sustainably. Lynx Trussed Rafters have been accredited with The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) enabling our customers to be confident that the timber products we supply are sourced from responsibly managed forests.  

We can design and supply any size of glulam structure, but we are size limited by road transport regulations. If you require a size that is limited by these regulations, we can discuss the options with you before you receive a quote.

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