Info Packs

Lynx have produced a range of guidance notes and information sheets for customers – packed with useful details and helpful information. Alpine have also kindly offered visitors access to their “Trussed Rafter Guide” with information about the installation of trussed rafters.

MiTek Mark 1 Press Trackless Mono Press System – PDF
MiTek Strut-Runner Posi-Joist Press – PDF
Posi-Joist Technical Handbook – PDF
Alpine Trussed Rafter Guide – PDF 2.6 MB
Alpine Open Web Floor Guide – PDF 4.7 MB
TFS Truss Enquiry Form – DOC
Design & Supply Options – PDF
Contractual Obligations – PDF
Express Delivery Terms – PDF
Lynx Site Surveys – PDF
Structural Roof Pack – PDF
Truss Enquiry Form – PDF
TRADA Attic Cutting Information Sheet – PDF
TRADA Attic Bracing Information Sheet – PDF
Terms & Conditions – PDF